Covid-19 how we are working with it

Pool and spas in Australia is a common way of life. Its family time, its for our health and many other reasons. 

With the current situation we are all facing together, more of us are having to stay home and the pool is being used more then ever.

We have taken steps from advice from SPASA and their communication with the health organisations in Australia to how we may best practise our work to help keeping your pools safe to swim in.


This latest step is to sign the Covid-19  Declaration to help you feel at ease that our current work implementations will not bring any risk to you and your family. 

Why should we look after our pools health?

AS with the Covid-19 poor water health can result in the spread of Ecoli and Crypto which in turn would cause another health issue we can do with out. 

WE are here to work with you, and we understand the impact the Covid-19 has, and is having on your family. 

We have made some options available to help you in these hard times. 


We look forward to talking to you about how we can help you and thank you for looking after our family owned and run business.




Chris - Fully Vaccinated 

Hayden - Fully Vaccinated 

Christian - Fully Vaccinated 

COVID-19 Declaration Certificate 320[939

 Our Pool technicians are Vaccinated