Pool Heating

There is nothing more magical than looking into your backyard and seeing a spectacular pool with an iridescent glow. Whether it’s a hot, balmy summer’s night or the middle of winter with steam rising off the warm water, with Spa Electrics LED lights your pool will look absolutely spectacular all year round​


Upgrade your lights to LED

For a quick and easy pool makeover, Spa Electrics has replacement lights to suit any installation type and budget. With over 35 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality pool lighting products on the market. 


A world of colour 

The iRIS remote control by Spa Electrics is the next big thing in remote control lighting. With its premium handset and long range signal you can set the lighting colour, brightness and show mode of your pool and spa at the touch of a button. Used with the MULTI PLUS LED range you will have the perfect combination that offers the very best in pool lighting and two wire remote control technology