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UnLock Your Pool™ Technology

Blueray XL - The Real Mineral Purifier™



Blueray XL is the ultimate Mineral Purifier™ UPGRADE.  Blueray XL, it works BETTER.


Blueray XL is the innovator of the new Unlock Your Pool™ technology that is revolutionising the pool & hot tub industry by eliminating speciality-product overkill and dramatically saving money and effort through a sustained increase in overall chemical effectiveness.


Blueray XL™ Mineral Purifier & Catalyst™ is in a class all by itself, it is the only Copper, Silver & Zinc water modifier for pools & hot tubs in the market.  Blueray XL™ has a proprietary blend of minerals, cleaning agents, chelating agents, and sequestrants.  Blueray XL is designed to be used as a multi-purpose water modifier to reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). 


Blueray XL will aid in: removing anionic compounds through flocculation in the water and increase the rate of chemical reaction of pool & hot tub oxidizing agents to burn off inanimate organic contamination with an unmatched effectiveness. 


Blueray XL™ will Unlock Your Pool™ & hot tub’s water balance to make your chemicals more productive and last longer.  Ideal for "GREEN to CLEAR" treatments, cleans up dead algae, pollen and other forms of non-living organic water contamination for six months.


Easy to install

Minerals last 6 months

The Silver coated Cylinder lasts 12 months

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