Basic Pool Service


Not every pool needs the same service, and that is why we have a range to suit your needs. The Basic pool Service is based on that you have a good pool cleaner doing its job and doesn't need us to clean the pool. Due to this saving us time so it saves you money. Just because it is cheaper does not mean we do not skimp on what we do. 

Our regular basic pool package will cover:

  • Test and Balance of your water ( Chemicals are a additional charge)

  • Clean your filter. (we wont charge extra if it is a cartridge filter that needs cleaning)

  • Clean your salt cell if required.

  • Clean your pool cleaner (applies to robotic cleaners)

  • Check all equipment is running and set correctly.

  • Clean out your skimmer basket

  • Clean out the hair lint pump basket.

  • Check and grease o'rings found on pumps,filters and chlorinators when needed

  • We check for stains

  • We check for calcium leaching. 

  • Check gates close

  • CPR sign up to date

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